What is Worse?

They tore down his suit
broke his wrist watch
they all look like him
& laughing like monsters

He looked all around,
found himself helpless
so he tried to concentrate in his technical book
but he can only see one word in every word

fail fail fail!
[As  ignoring self, he is trying to follow others advice]

Is his condition really worse
but what is worse?
Death of a man
or death of his dreams?
Silence like an ocean
or a loud scream?

Hating someone
or unexpressed love?

Not having friends
or never choosing one?

He couldn’t figure it out
in a state of aimlessness
and thoughtfulness

He is in a continuous struggle
struggle with some kind of fear inside

but is it a fear of living
or dying without achieving?

He runs,
runs to catch the forest
and tries to escape

At each step
the forest distance appears to him the same

he is a loser
a worst performer

If life is a game.

May 8, 2012

Force Beyond Self

Curl  on your face
Your pink satin suit
A nightmare for my wild thoughts
The desirable woman
You look very cute
You frown
You smile,
Talking  with another guy
Looking at me occasionally
Sometime confident
Sometime shy

The curve of your holy grail
A perfect fit for my manhood
My wild thoughts prevail
My flaws as a man
I understood

Your beautiful feet
With nail-polish red
I want to kiss them
Like I never had.

24 feb 2013

Traffic signal

Helmets motionless
like dead

helmets creating sound
they exist

Helmets in race to get ahead
its apparent now
who got more power.

October 20, 2012

Thoughts while riding bike

even after loosing all its flowers and leafs,
In its ugliest phase,
the tree is standing silent and still
like gaining back its lost beauty
is one of its strongest belief.
isn’t it inspiring enough
its ideology to live.
like  saying..
live stronger! no matter what,
as nothing more challenging  in life
than to live.

April 7, 2012