Book Review: Edward Snowden’s ‘Permanent Record’

My first writing for public platform.
This review is special because I read this book in the hospital ward

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Rashid Abbasi

Imagine an omniscient surveillance system in which all your online activities are being recorded without consent and become a permanent record. And a search engine used by government that returns results from your emails and messages. Constantly evolving technology creates new ethical puzzles. The State is perceived as a necessary evil, but the question of how much privacy of the individual the state has a right to breach has developed into numerous facets. Edward Snowden’s memoir Permanent Record is about his courageous attempt to unmask the unethical approach of the United States (US) and the corporate entities towards mass surveillance of citizens. It is about his journey from a well-established and high profile government employee to a whistleblower and citizens’ rights activist living in exile.

The autobiographical account begins with his childhood. He grew up in North Carolina and his parents worked for the government. He loved…

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