I am a research scholar in my late 20’s. I was born in a poor Muslim ghetto in Delhi. Education is the greatest gift my parents have given to me. I have studied Physical sciences and have a Masters in Peace and Conflict studies. I have a deep interest in Philosophy, literature and also in a healthy lifestyle. I have struggled with failures on every aspect of life and trying to cope up with the memories and deprivation. Writing helped me to find a voice. It has become my resistance against rejection by the world.

I wish to communicate more in lesser words without being dense. I write poetry for a beauty that is lacking in my life. I write to deal with boredom and pain. And to express my relationship with god, death and sensuality.

I have named this blog as ‘Ashes of Life’ (inspired by Leonard Cohen’s quote) because it is a repository for those intimate thoughts that have managed to find words.

Rashid Abbasi


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