Time Cancels All



Take it as a FAILED attempt to express my attachment

Frustration and misery of being a man.

To write what should not be written

To complete what was not incomplete.


You will meet many men in your life-

Some of the men will just cross your path

Being smart you will know.

Some of the men will say they have lost their heart

Being beautiful you will understand.

And also the men you fall in love with

Being human you will suffer.


I wish I could have seen myself through your eyes

To had a glimpse of truth and not be deceived by lies.

I am confused, if I was a failed lover, or the poor one?


Your actions filled me with jealousy

Other man saw in you what I could not see?

Your sad eyes- to me they were never belong-

Cruel fate never gave me chance to dive into them for long.

I never explored your wonderful body

Never smelt your hair.

But If I become religious for a moment

You will be an answer to all my prayer.


I will never forget, our walk together and our philosophical talk-

The new perspectives about life in me you have sparked.


I wish another one you have found loves you equally madly

And you have accepted that madness very gladly.


I’m afraid, when somebody will speak out your name,

My soul will rediscover its lost oppressive pain.


Time will kill our memories

Time will heal our pain

Time will turn our heart into stone

And prepare us to fall in love again.


With some injuries

And a sense of loss

This is not the sad end

But a strength provided-

A freshness given-

To the mysterious voyage called life.

March 11, 2014

There is no death

This is not the end but

another beginning.

He has gone back to the place

from where he came.

He found himself out of this world,

more close to

the darkness and the empty sky

then to the people.

A failed lover-

who loved people-

Always prefered roses over yellow, white flowers.

A failed writer-

Who loved poems-

Always prefered poems by others than by himself.

A failed human-

Who loved human beings-

Always prefered grief of other than of himself.

Too much self-appreciation-

Is this another effort of throwing himself high?

Every stone thrown above-

Must fall-

And life is a perpetual falling.

Nobody remembers him

except few grief-stricken.

Not a memory?

But he is liberated

and at much awaited place of his life.

February 23, 2014

Paradise on Fire

If flowers, clouds,

and mountain springs are words,

then Kashmir is the poetry,

written by nature on earth

Over the mountain across the jhelum our bus,

taking twists and turns, at

every few meters distance,nationalist slogans appear-

uniformed men stare into my eye, to see

if i’m one who agrees with them, or not.

Yellow and red boat shimmering light,

as moonbeams dance on Dal Lake-

they coerce my contemplative thoughts, and

inspire me to write-

The arms of temple & mosque embrace, in

watery-light reflections

people come and go, singing songs

in cars and buses, but who can be

more unfortunate than one

unaware of his brother’s plight?

Welcome our friend from India!

This greeting from them comes

as a surprise- I’m curious, what makes them

hate my nation how Rebellious spirits arise

They say, we fight a long time for

peace in our land

against oppression and suppression

with nothing but stone in our hand

I doubt

religious extremism

will help in their struggle

and by supporting other,

if they are adding

more struggle to their struggle

with curfew and harsh law-

India here is different from mine.

That is what i saw-

Barracks, a killing device

police siren and gun

how this oxymoron is Kashmir paradise

June 4 2012  @Srinagar