All My Praise

In the name of Allah

The gracious and the merciful.

The light of my eyes

that my eyes cannot see.

All my praise is for the mystery of the darkness:

Where there is no shadow, no sun.

The abyss-From where the echoes of God-

And spirituality return.

All my praise is for the space-time singularity-

For the day I will discover the truth, and make peace with it.

And for my death-

For it will reveal to me other dimension of reality.

All my praise is for love-

In love: I must lose myself.

As I will keep swaying like a wave-

Between the life I dream,

and the life

I live.

All my praise is

for all that is truly alive in me.

And all that wish to die in me.

All my praise is for the peace to my soul

The attainment of clarity

And the beauty of unity.


P.S. – I was reading about singularities and black holes. Generally, positive idea of light brings negative idea of darkness. I have tried to contemplate on both of them.  There is an influence of the poem , “Unfound” by my  friend  Talah also.

There is no death

This is not the end but

another beginning.

He has gone back to the place

from where he came.

He found himself out of this world,

more close to

the darkness and the empty sky

then to the people.

A failed lover-

who loved people-

Always prefered roses over yellow, white flowers.

A failed writer-

Who loved poems-

Always prefered poems by others than by himself.

A failed human-

Who loved human beings-

Always prefered grief of other than of himself.

Too much self-appreciation-

Is this another effort of throwing himself high?

Every stone thrown above-

Must fall-

And life is a perpetual falling.

Nobody remembers him

except few grief-stricken.

Not a memory?

But he is liberated

and at much awaited place of his life.

February 23, 2014