Urdu poets on mystery, wonder and beauty of woman’s hair

Neend us ki hai, dimaag us ka hai, raatein us ki hain
ye zulfein jiski baazuon par pareshan ho gayin.


Sleep is his, pride/head is his, the nights are his
on whose shoulder your curls became scattered/tangled
– Ghalib


Javaab naama siyaahi ka apni hai vo zulf
kisuu ne hashr ko ham se jo sawaal kiya


The answer for the ink (of our deeds) would be those tresses
if anybody will ask us the question on the day of judgement
– Mir Taqi Mir


Idhar aao tumhari zulf ham aarasta kar dein
jo gesu ham sanwaareinge kabhi barham nahi honge


Come here; let me straighten your troubling hair locks
when I set them right your tresses shall never ever be entangled again
-Kaleem Ajiz


Kya ho gaya hai gesuu-e khamdaar ko tere
aazad kar rahein hain giraftaar ko tere
Ab tu muddaton se hai shab-o-roz ruu-ba-ru
kitne hi din guzar gaye didaar ko tere


What has happen to your curly hair
they are releasing your captive now
It’s been long since we’ve come face to face night and day
many days have passed without any sight of you
– Jaun Elia

Painting by John William Godward



Homage to Ghalib

Ghalib! Image of death piled up everywhere,
That’s what the world Fasten around us

Like a moth seek flower
and the weak seek power
Dead man  seek life
In unconsciousness
in wake rife

A halo around
lighted by failures
He walks
doubting self
if its visible to
the people around

have you seen a man
who never run to catch the train?
Write only about sorrow
be it autumn, summer or rain

Have you seen a man
who wander alone to seek peace?
all in vain,
the chaos inside nowhere seems to cease

some verses and musical note in heart he bore
Poor chap! who was always carefree
Never clearly heard
by anyone, anymore

his mind swaying
his body decaying

Died long time back
still living
with all who are alive.

I’m too old for inner wilderness, Ghalib
when the chaos of the world is all around me

Italics: Adrienne rich